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Most people who are introduced to bitcoin soon ask what they can use it for. What can you buy with bitcoin? Lots. There are a number of gift cards you can use to turn your BTC into cash, but there are more places you can use crypto than you may think. You can buy things directly using Bitcon from Overstock.com, TigerDirect.com, Dell, Microsoft and even Paypal!



Privacy is a concern in almost all aspects of modern life these days and can be a major concern to some people. We have created a “best practices” hierarchy here for you to keep you both private and just as importantly, secure in all of your dealings; both in crypto specifically, and life in general.  Privacy and security go hand in hand and it would be advisable to thoroughly understand the information we give you here.


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Be your Own Bank
Since your wallet has the public ledger contained inside of it, any and all verifications necessary to carry out any transactions you may do are already on the blockchain, there is no need for a banker to be involved to enable money transfer. It is a trustless peer to peer network, much like a file share service making it extremely robust and virtually impervious to compromise. If you want to know the technical details of how this is done, be sure to check out our section titled ‘what is Bitcoin” for a trip way down the technical rabbit hole.
No Fees
BTC is nearly instantaneous and non reversible. Anyone who has your public key can verify any transactions through that wallet on the blockchain. It is a public ledger that is maintained by the network of miners who are paid a small fee for maintaining said network. Advanced cryptography deployed in a unique way maintains the integrity of the blockchain and the network and there are NO HUMANS directly involved in any transaction. Moving a penny or moving $10,000.00 costs nothing, or at most a few pennies. Take that Western Union and Green Dot!
Fast and Secure
Transactions on the network are nearly instantaneous. Confirmations come within minutes and once Bitcoin is spent it is not reversible. The blockchain verifies all transactions within minutes and it doesn’t matter if you are buying a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, or sending thousands of dollars to a friend overseas, there is no difference in the time it takes, or how much it will cost you, again fractions of a penny at most. This is changing the way we move money around in a major way and in short order.
Bitcoin is the perfect hedge against any other type of money. Be it precious metals, fiat currency, diamonds, or other commodities. The most dangerous part of holding BTC as an investment is the volatility in price. This extreme volatility is not suitable for many investors, but for the few who can withstand it, it can actually pay off quite handsomely. There are a number of exchanges you can trade Bitcoin vs. USD and other crypto currencies through. You can also buy precious metals with BTC directly from several large and reputable dealers.