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This web site is designed to be a constant in an ever changing crypto-universe. A free flow of new explorations and a historical record of our successes and follies. A jump off point to some of the most important things we have found and are finding, in real time and updated as things develop. re-launches

On December 22, 2014
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This entire web site is a journey down the rabbit hole of crypto.  It started out as a place to collect, organize and analyze
the plethora of information I found as I learned more and more about Bitcoin and its children, alt-coins.  I started out as a Bitcon miner in 2013 and thn went on to mine DOGE, and LTC until it became prohibitively expensive.  

I found all sorts of ways to profit from investing and using Bitcoin and again, needed a place to store and organize even MORE disparate and voluminous bits of information and data.  That was when I decided to REBUILD my entire domain based on an internal shift in operations coupled with a need for MUCH more powerful back end to fully leverage all that I have done so far.  This new site will enable me to focus more on what I truly enjoy doing, research, and less on how I am going to incorporate every wonderful new tidbit of potentially life changing information I just found into a GoDaddy website builder template.

I have hired an expert to help me launch this thing properly.  And although it is not ready fro prime time YET, really great things are coming and in very, very short order.  

This entire domain is dedicated to providing you (and I) with current concise analysis of current trends in the crypto economy that you will not find anywhere else.  I look deeper into issues than a brief scan of the latest buzz on reddit and the standard bitcoin news feeds.  I will not just regurgitate the latest headlines and throw out a bunch of parroted headlines from my inbox every day.  No.  You can already get that from any Yahoo, or Google Bitcoin RSS feed.  I go much, much deeper than that because I have my own money on the line and cannot afford to be wrong about my opinions.  

I will take time and dig deeper.  Research more about things I am exploring from several sources (cross referenced within every article by links to all original research) in an effort to cut through the clutter and glean the most relevant information in a concise and understandable way and to analyze said information with regards to how it is affecting how we live now and how it will change how we live in the very near future.  Bitcoin has arrived and is here to stay. 

Weather you know it or not, Bitcoin and all forms of digital cash are here.  These things are as transformational a technology as the internet itself was back in the 90's.  Only this technology is based around money and commerce.  Bitcoin and its descendants are providing a frictionless, trust-less, open-source platform to interact financially on a global scale WITHOUT any interference from third parties (banksters, and governments).  

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